This space is for you all to read each others findings and results of following astrological transits. Please feel free to comment and record your findings in following your transits and working with Cosmic Journal.

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Cosmic Journal is a book designed to prove astrology. It shows you how to calculate when, where and what influences you can predict through astrology. 

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When everyone who can read and understand is aware that their life is a spiritual journey then life on earth will become peaceful. When the sharp focus of the preciousness of your existence – of everything’s existence – becomes a habit then one does not want to get one over anyone or fight to another’s detriment. Life becomes…life. It gets lived. It is not for money or status now but for experience and wonder. Even making the bed can be a wonderfully deep experience. But I know this all sounds like that new age stuff; because it is and it isn’t even new. So what difference does Cosmic Journal make?

Cosmic Journal is designed to record whether astrology is proving itself or not. You need to engage with astrology to prove it. Astrology cannot be proven through observing psychological traits because psychological traits can only be observed subjectively and each person has to have the same understanding of what makes up a particular psychological trait. So what has happened is that astrology used a dumbing down of psychological traits in order to find some agreement – look at all the sun Sign literature. Yet astrology is a subtle phenomenon; if it wasn’t it would have been obvious by now!

Through using Cosmic Journal, you learn to calculate the days and times that Planets (include Sun and Moon) will have an effect in your life. Astrologers have known all along what these effects are and it is only possible now, because of the internet, to show cynics and beginners of astrology when these effects will happen, what the effect are and where the effects will occur.

The subtleness of the experience is like distinguishing the colour vermilion for the first time. You will soon recognize if a red is too pink, too orange, too brown or too white. You may also notice that a certain shade of turquoise looks stunning next to it while another turquoise just kills both colours and then when you add bright pink the trio becomes ecstatic. But there is no-one telling you if you are right. Let’s imagine you wear these colours and no-one says anything positive about your choice – but you feel extraordinarily gleeful and comfortable in them. In my opinion you should definitely flaunt your colours but you, like an astrologer, will be out on your own – trusting your inner experience. People may not understand what you feel but what you feel is not an ordinary emotion, it is a resonance.

A resonance is a distinct impression that is registered subjectively. It can relate to feelings or thoughts but belongs in the realm of concepts. Cosmic Journal is set out so you can record the times you calculated to tune in and recognized a resonance. After a while the recordings will show whether those resonances had a common theme – which is exactly the realm of astrology.

So let us imagine now that the Planets affect us all at a deep, usually unconscious level, at individual and specific times. Does that not bind each of us with the clockwork of the solar system?  And if each of us is wired up to the great cosmic cycles does that not imply there is some greater design in all of this? Well no; just because we are wired to cosmic cycles does not mean there is a grand design; it could still be a frivolous yet intricate design like that of cherry trees and ladybirds, black-fly and house martins – no greater meaning than complex carbon chains capturing useful bacteria. However, when we look with astrology we see that all of these incidences are moments of choice and awareness that leads us each to our potential; so we become the artists, parents, golfers, meditators that we are; we identify with more and more of our potential. Astrology therefore shows us that the intricate pattern of organic chemistry is the vehicle to perfecting a resonance with who we want to become.

Yet it is the vision of an earth teeming with enlightened beings that Cosmic Journal aids to the tipping point. An earth full of enlightened beings is possible because when we look inside ourselves at whom we are and what we feel, each of us is but a rabbit’s whisker away from the truth of existence hidden in our hearts. Astrology, as with all mystical practices, dissolves the obstructions to aligning with our fullest potential – our enlightenment - but astrology is the only one that can be proved. Soon, our individual awakening to the true nature of existence will be as common as electricity. We can have peace on earth.


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