Most researchers have considered the Star of Bethlehem as the indicator of Jesus’ birth. Such “stars” included the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction – a conjunction that was and is astrologically renowned for changes in political structures, and on a personal level, it is renowned for teaching and wisdom.


Another contender for the Star of Bethlehem was the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in 2 BC. These 2 planets were so close they would have shone as one.


Both the above examples are the unification of 2 planets and would also have been recognized as 2 planets, as they came together and separated. They would have undoubtedly been taken as signs but there was no need to call them a star.


Supernova and comets are also in the running; though comets were considered evil and supernovae would not come and go over months.


Below are the astronomical/astrological events which would have been seen and considered as signs. Note 8 BC refers to the year -7 and so on.


24th May 8 BC a lunar eclipse at 9am. Normally a very worrying indicator of the loss of life to the ruler but in this case would have been deemed safe as Jupiter was also above the horizon and visible on the western horizon.

27th May 7 BC the 1st time Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Pisces; a sign of government changes. (Herod murdered 2 of his sons this year on the charge of treason.)

6th October 7 BC the 2nd Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Now the astrologers of the time know this is one of the Greatest Conjunctions, as Saturn and Jupiter go back and forth to meet each other a predictable three times.

23rd October 7 BC total solar eclipse at 9am. Jupiter (and Saturn) is below the horizon. The New Moon predicts a birth as well. These signs would have been visible for the many kings in the region, so all the governments would have been on tenterhooks. The astrologers in the East would have realized the place to look was in Bethlehem, as this was written in Micah 5:2. The Romans probably did not know of the prophecy as the prophecy was written in the Jewish bible. The Roman King Herod presided over the once independent Jewish state of Judaea so the Jews were cautious of him even though Herod rebuilt their temple.


The bible tells us a few snippets: Jesus was born under the rule of Herod the Great, which ended in 4BC.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Wise men from the east saw a star, which Herod had not seen. This in itself is significant, as Herod would also have astrologers/astronomers in his court, so thinking Herod’s advisers were asleep at dawn seems unlikely. What we do know astronomically is that the triple-conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter would have been a sign of change in the government. Yet it would have been the total eclipse in the midst of these that would have actively threatened Herod; and all the astrologers, from the East to the West of Herod would have known about the eclipse. They would have also seen that the eclipse happened during the day when Jupiter was not in the sky. The usual way of averting destruction to the ruler would be to kill a pseudo king and thereby save the real king.


(When Haley’s Comet appeared for 70 days in 6 BC, Herod could have then decided to kill all the male children under 2 years old – to be on the safe side.)


Maybe the wise men were Jewish, and maybe they were from the Eastern land the Romans had not conquered. If Herod knew Jesus was going to be a messiah Herod would want to kill Jesus and it would be good to go and find Jesus themselves. It is unlikely they would want to go to Herod first but traipsing all over Judaea with camels and gifts could be a call for war. So they would have gone to Herod with peace on their tongues and a play of innocence. The magi said, “Did you see the Star in the East?” They gave Herod the story about the birth of a great rabbi. They didn’t tell Herod their messiah would unite the Jewish nations and overthrow their enemies. They planned to warn Mary and Joseph to leave; but ultimately it took a dream for the new parents to listen to the magi.


Neither could the new parents go all the way back over the land, with the wise men to escape. Egypt was just a boat ride away. Maybe Herod got wind of the full prophecy a few years later, thus killing all boys under 2 in his jurisdiction. By then Jesus was safe in Egypt, as although under Roman rule it wasn’t under Herod’s rule.


So there were clear signs for the magi who were waiting for the prophecy to unfold.  The Star of Bethlehem could have been something the magi made up to make Herod think there were things afoot he couldn’t just crush or fight because he needed to know more about them. He would consult his own astrologers who might have dismissed it as rubbish to make them look good. It isn’t clear at all what the Star of Bethlehem was, or who the wise men were. So instead of looking for a star in astronomical records it makes more sense to use astrological knowledge. As an astrologer I would expect certain signs in the birth horoscope of Jesus, based on what we know of him.


Given the signs which prompted the wise men to protect Jesus, there is a window of time in which to look for the real birth date. Within Jesus’s horoscope I will look for obvious character traits such as these:

He sacrificed his life.

He did outrageous things such as ransacking temple.

He spoke out against wrong–doings.

He taught love and compassion.

He recognized the equality of all.

He had profound mystical knowledge.

He had authority in his knowledge, wisdom and self.

He was exceptionally charismatic.

He was passionate.

He was independent and self-motivated.

He was very, very kind.


I then considered what astrological signs I would expect to see in a person of this nature. The top most important sign would be Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in 10th House. This combination would explain charisma, mysticism, spiritual passion, sacrifice and martyrdom. My aim was to find this combination first. I was surprised to find Neptune entered Scorpio in 9BC and although stayed for nearly 15 years, Herod died in 4BC so this combination could only be between 9 – 4 BC and also, only alternate years – as Mars takes 2 years to cycle the horoscope, and only for 2 months within those alternate years. 


The other astrological signs would be the Sun unchallenged by anything and Mars aspecting Uranus and Mercury in a non-challenging way. Because although most of us get to deal and work through our challenges, they often come from the hand me down behaviours of our parents. I think Joseph and Mary must have been great parents who allowed Jesus full expression and no hang ups. Jesus had a full solar expression; spontaneous, confident and energized. He couldn’t have any Moon or Saturn squares or he would have doubted himself. With aspects between Mercury and Mars and Uranus he would have the energy to speak up, speak out and the daring nature to say and do surprising things that were part of his integrity; but without anger. The difficult aspects between these planets can cause us to feel guilty and make our anger personal or blow up too much, or act inappropriately to prove a point.


I found all the above indicators were in the sky on Sunday 16th August 7BC at 4pm. Only Mars and Moon were in opposition and this would have added to his passion and determination and Mercury was in opposition to Uranus which can be a sign of genius and brilliance if harnessed. I expect this aspect was harnessed and why indeed Jesus excelled in his knowledge of the Jewish scriptures. (Pluto was also in opposition to Uranus but this was a sign of the times and not a personal challenge.) All the Planets were otherwise unchallenged, on this date.


In fact, I found more than I had hoped for. Sun is in Leo in 8th House, Moon is conjunct North Node in Taurus, Mercury sextile Mars and opposition Uranus, Venus in Libra, Mars conjunct Neptune in 10th, Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Pisces.  Mars/Neptune is conjunct South Node, Moon conjunct North Node (without a doubt this native is passionate and charismatic). Mars is trine Uranus and Uranus is sextile Moon; the native would be daring and disruptive in their passion to be understood. And what is more, Moon is exalted in Taurus, Sun rules Leo, Venus rules Libra, Mars rules Scorpio and Jupiter rules Pisces. These Planets would have been ‘strengthened’ in their influence. Overall this native would have the mystical inclination and the inner strength to stand up to be heard, despite opposition. Their passion and charisma would be high and their sense of belonging for their time and benefitting humanity would also be strong with the Moon conjunct North Node. They would have an ability to teach and unite people in compassion.

  • Mars conjunct Neptune in 10th conjunct South Node shows someone who will seek deeply for spiritual enlightenment as well as someone who could willingly martyr themselves. The south Node brings a sense of destiny and maybe karmic memories to complete a role, and with Mars that role becomes a mission. In Scorpio a passionate mission and with Neptune; a divine, passionate mission. With this combination in the 10th Jesus would be seen as someone whose passion is beyond belief. He would have been highly charismatic. People would want to follow him, listen to him and this would have further fuelled his sense of destiny. The strength and passion of Mars is heightened through it being in Scorpio.
  • Uranus – Mars aspect gives a righteous and daring anger as well as a brilliant innovation for surprising actions. When trined the native can express unusual behaviours or views in a way that other people accept. Mars, which rules energy and motivation and passion is not exacerbated by Uranus when trined and does not need to prove itself in unconventional ways. They are aware of their own strength, physical capabilities, conventional boundaries and rules. When Mars is challenged they can go further than most to win their point as they are aware of the conventions which obstruct their Will.
  • Mars – Mercury aspects are verbally expressive, determined to be heard. In Jesus’ chart these Planets are in sextile so they do not have that excessive desire to speak and be heard, such as people who spit when they talk do. This combination does have a strong determination to be clear and be heard. They have many opinions but are able to remain cool and focused.
  • Venus in 9th House a teacher of love. Venus is the planet of love and the 9th is that of higher mind seeing a bigger picture, such as philosophy and religion, as well as a teacher of these things. In Jesus’ horoscope the power of Venus is heightened as it is in Libra.
  • Strong Uranus reveals a turn of mind that is very aware of the falsity of boundaries and equality of everyone’s life on earth. These natives are naturally supportive of those who are unfairly treated especially if their true nature and individuality is disrespected. 
  • 8th House Sun a mystic. In Leo, majestic mystic, magnanimous and deep. Knows how to keep a secret yet free to speak with integrity. The Sun in Leo has a tremendous presence because it rules Leo, so the 8th House presence would not dim the light but instead be determined to shine in the House of secrets.
  • Saturn conjunct Jupiter is a teacher. Wisdom and knowledge are sought for and the native becomes a benevolent authority in their field. Anyone born with this aspect has a sense that they can teach, they have something to teach. They soak up wisdom and find wisdom through many ways; such as experience, children, other people’s lives, reflection as well as the more obvious routes.
  • Mars – Moon aspect is passionate and very determined. In Scorpio/Taurus they are sexual and sensual; yet Mars conjunct Neptune would sublimate their sex drive into a creative or spiritual outlet leaving the sensual Moon in Taurus to physically care for and nurture others. Sublimation of the sex drive would bring visions and spiritual experiences most people would be rocked by, yet the Moon in Taurus shows mind that is stable and strong; imagination is deepened and again enhanced through the opposition with Neptune. Jesus’ 8th House Sun would enable him to put all these spiritual experiences into context.
  • I expected lowing aspects to Mars and Sun. If Mars or Sun had difficult aspects the native would have been challenged and would have had issues they would have had to work on, to improve their innate character. With Mars and Sun being unchallenged strong Will and integrity flow easily into action. Highly self-motivated.
  • Strong Venus, Moon and Neptune a sensitive, compassionate and loving awareness toward all beings. Venus is in rulership and Moon is exalted while Neptune is strengthened in 10th House. These 3 Planets bestow visions of compassion, love for all beings and a sense of being well in themselves so that their own cup can overflow in love for others.
  • Lord of the Ascendant is Saturn conjunct the beneficent Jupiter. This means that all of the personal Planets are strengthened through rulership, exaltation or fortuitous position. This is a horoscope which shows a native of considerable and unusual character.

Another indicator of the correct horoscope is looking at the Passover date when Jesus was 12 and his parents accidentally left him at the synagogue. During his time at the synagogue he impressed the priests with his knowledge. I would expect to see Saturn transiting his Sun or Moon and also a transit of Jupiter close to his own Jupiter Saturn. On 1st April 6 AD Saturn transits Jesus’ Sun, Mars is coming up to Jesus’ Saturn and Moon is on his MC then travels to Mars/Neptune. An ordinary boy may have felt abandoned but Saturn transiting Sun natal would have made Jesus accept the responsibility of himself. Saturn would have made him ‘grow up’ – he would have accepted the burden of his own life in an ultimately mature way. Saturn gives us the sobriety to accept the situation and make the best of it through hard work and commitment. Jesus also had his own 8th House Sun so would have loved being in the synagogue with the priests and the unspoken secrets and rituals.


After looking at the Passover to verify Jesus’ birth I would check this for the death of Jesus. Death charts are rarely spectacular, as, I believe; the native knows they will be dying at least weeks before. If the death is spectacular then Outer Planets are present showing energy is coming into the native’s life, which they will either transform their lives with or not. It is not unusual for the benign Planets to also be present (transiting the native’s birth chart) around the time of death. There are two viable dates for the crucifixion being on a Friday at Passover. 7th April 30 AD and 3rd April 33 AD. Neither of these look significant enough; but then f I am looking for significance would I go back to 27 AD when Saturn and Mars conjunct his Moon/North Node and he had a Mars return, while the previous month Saturn conjunct his IC? These transits could depict the Passion and the intended humiliation but equally this time could have been a time of spurring on in the spiritual discoveries and determination to be heard. I am aware this may be too early but it helped loosen my mind after reading many articles about the last supper that could have been on a Wednesday or a Thursday even. This is the simplest discussion on which day Passover could be in the year Jesus died. However I cannot conclude with a crucifixion date though March/April 30 AD brought Uranus transit to square Mars/Neptune and Moon and the subsequent nodes in Jesus’ horoscope. This could certainly have incited him to ransack the temple. Also at this time was a new Moon at 0° Aries (20th March) with Jupiter moving to conjunct natal Saturn/Jupiter inspiring an overstepping of normal restraints. He would have been ultra-confident in himself and his knowledge at this time. If 13th April 30 AD was the date of Jesus’ death then Mercury would be conjunct his North Node and Moon and fit the symbol of his last words being passed down through the future for our benefit. The Sun was on his IC and could fit the symbol of his resurrection. Jupiter return could be symbolic of extending and furthering his teachings. But where is the anger and injustice I feel, we all must feel, at someone – anyone – crucified and killed in this way? 4 years (34 AD) later Uranus conjuncts his Sun at Nissan and Mars opposes his Sun. These energies would have played back and forth the previous month and could also have incited the native to ransack a temple and appear blasphemous to those looking for a wrong doing. And I prefer this date as it is more symbolic of my anger and shock at the way Jesus was treated.


In summary; a birth horoscope can tell us a lot more about a person and their character, passions and potentials whereas a death horoscope cannot tell us about one person’s death. And although this is all conjecture I am sure whomever was born 16th August 7 BC, in Bethlehem and at 4pm would have had these character traits and if they had the karma to come into this existence as a man to teach the world about love and compassion and finding God within themselves, then such a horoscope would certainly give them the freedom of mind to do so, from an early age.

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