As an astrologer I would say they do but I am also keen to prove whether this is really so. I have therefore created a test in which I can use my skills as an astrologer to calculate your transits for the period that you will be participating. The transits are on days when there would be a certain effect when we say that the planets will influence you. However, you will not know these days.


So why hasn’t astrology been proven so far? Well, all the past tests have focused on proving the natal chart is an accurate reflection of personality; but this is difficult to clarify as sometimes people do not recognize a trait in themselves, or others do not recognize a trait in someone and also because some people have not had an opportunity to develop the trait fully. Click on the menu tab above: Famous People's Horoscopes; to read how astrology can be used in understanding the inner workings of a person. 


This test however, is going to focus on the moving planets and how they affect you on certain days. Astrologers know when these days are through calculations with your horoscope. Astrologers have used this practice for thousands of years but it does take some working out as everyone is individual. Essentially I will calculate the days when a planet will be having an influence on your psyche but you do not know when that day is or what that influence is. Instead you will just tick 9 boxes every evening and after 6 months we will match up your answers with the calculated predictions.


The test needs to be 6 months long at a minimum because you may not have any significant transits within that time.


John O’Reilly is the ‘holding body’ of all the data. He is a statistician, a mathematician and many other very clever things. He is also sceptical that the planets affect us! John will assign a random participant number to you and give me your birth details and participant number, but not your name. I will send him the predicted dates of a certain influence for you and he will correlate your answers with my predictions


As you will not know the predicted dates of your transits and I will not know which participant is which (because I won’t have your names), this will be a ‘double-blind experiment’. Double-blind studies are particularly useful for reducing the risk of bias affecting the results. This means that we can have more confidence in the results compared to an experiment that was not double-blind.


We hope to get this test sanctioned by a scientific body and gather the necessary support. We may or may not be able to get funding for our time but we will do it anyway. However, these little wrinkles may take a few months to iron out before we can actually kick off – in which time we are building up a large group of participants (cynics/ non- believers all welcome).


I passionately believe in the importance of proving astrology because, if it is true it will change our culture, our society – it will change how we think about ourselves individually. To me it would be a great thing to prove our connection with the universe. To know without doubt that our psychological inner workings are in cahoots with the cosmos would be irrefutable proof of the meaningfulness of our lives. As I write this I feel the air is tinged with the raised bristles of the nihilists! ‘There is no meaning! And just because the planets affect us does not mean there is meaning!’ In answer to their criticism the proof would be because astrology shows us that through each transit we learn to become more of whom we can be. Through each planetary interaction we have the opportunity to learn a lesson of inner growth. However this test only proves the planets have influence; another test will be needed to prove that influence is a prompt for our inner growth.


WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: you need to send John your date, time and place of birth. john@ptyxis.com Please be as accurate as possible and give an indication of how accurate the time is when you send the details. I have included a post on how to help you help your mum remember your birth time.


We are working on creating an app to make it easy for you to tick the 9 boxes each night or you can print out your log sheets, scan them and send them back to John.


So to recap: send John your birth data; by doing so you consent to your data being shared with the relevant bodies that will monitor the trial (me, John and people who will want to assess the accuracy of the test). And all you will need to do at the end of every day is answer the 9 questions with a yes or a no.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact John.

Great Wishes





Of course, this only relates to finding your accurate birth-time. So forget about past lives and karmic memories; your mother's, father's, aunties' or sisters' brain has the valuable information you need, if they were there. All you have to do is unlock their memories.

To begin, make a pot of their favourite tea, bring plenty of cake and biscuit. Relax them but don't tell them why. If you tell them why all sorts of thoughts and walls could form a barrier. You aren't making them unconscious or hypnotized so they are free to get up and walk away if they get bored of your questioning. But I doubt they will get bored, as it is all about them.

First question is about the year; when they found out they were pregnant. What was their favourite outfit, how did they feel, who did they tell.

Then as they are getting nearer labour, where did they live, had they planned your room, what were the circumstances, the decor, the neighbours, friends, family doing or saying.

Now can they remember the moment they realized that they were having contractions? Labour can last 3 - 9 hours on average!...so you have to listen well and edit your questions, as you find out whom they told, what did they do, did they have a suitcase, did they wash - up dinner first, did they lie down or rush to get something. This will give you an idea of the time and confirm the time of the beginning of labour with them.

Next, the birth; where did they labour? What was the midwife like? Was your father/ grandmother/ aunty there? Did they have a laugh and a joke? Was it full on uncomfortable (probably means the birth was imminent). How did they feel, what did they wear. What did the room look like, full details; in a hospital they may well have been facing the clock on the wall. Did they know what time it was? Clues like a memory that someone said a match was on, or the shops were shutting, or pubs shutting - do ask, what time did the shop/ pub shut in those days? Did she have pain relief? Did it work? And then the pain, the actual birth, how long did it last? (The really painful part tends to last about 20 mins but everyone is different). Then the birth! Bang! What time is it?

Good luck!

May unknown time of birth be a thing of the past!

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