Why You Want to Learn Astrology
#1 Realize your destiny
#2 Unleash your Will
#3 Dig up the roots of your blocks, challenges and difficulties
#4 Play to your strengths
#5 Recognize your karma
#6 Develop your potentials

Astrology courses beginning in January 2020

Beginners/ Intermediate/ Advanced






Re-Create Your Self is a suite of workshops designed to do exactly that; re-create yourself. Now, it is not because there is something inherently wrong, no. Instead, we begin with the premiss that there is indeed a lot right with you and you have an instinct and an intuition to be the best you can be. But as with any great art project, you step back, you have a good look, you think 'what am I trying to do here?' You go back, make a few light strokes. Ah-ha! Colin and I know a lot about change, we know a lot about how to change and what chink needs to be smoothed to make the right change. If you don't believe us read these testimonials from other participants here: (highlight url and open in new tab)                                                  


Also, these are intense workshops with a maximum of 8 participants at a time, or we lose the personal. In order to accommodate more people we are putting on more of these workshops around the country. 



Live Your Vision - a look at the vision you have of your future. The vision you have of your future effects how you feel about today. We looked at Jupiter and the 11th House. Colin used his mind gymnastic exercises and helped you untangle the obstructions to a positive future direction. Everyone took home a beautiful image they created with gold and collage designed in the rings of a horoscope.

Map Your prosperity - prosperity is not all money and abundance. Prosperity is the sense of lushness. We love and feel generous. We attract love we give love. We attract calm we give calm. We looked into Venus and the 2nd House in the birthchart and how this Planet effects you then Colin untangled your approach to prosperity and each person created individual treasure maps to take home. 

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