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"Astrology helped me see the way forward."

"Astrology helped me understand my life path."

"Astrology gave me guidance on how to achieve my life goals."

These are some of the reviews received from clients after they have had readings. One of my favourite came from a 65 year old man who did not want to retire; after a few monthly astrological sessions he found his lust for life and followed his dream to become a psychotherapist. He messaged me after a year and said, "you really helped me you know."




Readings are given on Skype/Messenger. It is comfortable this way; you are at home and I am at home. These sessions are relaxed and very deep. Astrology shows you where to find your sense of destiny and meaning in life. The reading of a horoscope is much more involved that generically printed out lists of your character traits. As an experienced astrologer I read your horoscope and interpret each element in relation to the whole of you.


Your first time astrology consultation will amaze you at how accurately your birth map describes your hidden behaviour.  But this is not the aim of astrology; the aim of astrology is to help you be the best you can be. I use astrology to show you patterns of behaviour that you are probably unaware of - behaviour that can actually be a great help or sometimes it can be behaviour that undermines you. We will look at what triggers you and what drives you. Especially we will look at the areas of life you are most concerned with perfecting. 


Your human needs to be beautiful, accepted, successful are all shown in astrology as valuable. As are your desires to have intimacy and friends, to have meaning and passion - these are all valued as equally important in astrology. Your birth map can pinpoint exactly where these needs and desires and urges are obstructed within you and where they are already flowing very well. Sometimes people do not recognize exactly what is working very well in their life.


Within a reading we will also consider the year, or longer, ahead. We will look at what planetary energies are coming into your life and how you can prepare to make the most of them. 


Astrology respects your dreams and your hopes and strengthens you to be the wonderful and happy individual that you are. A consultation takes an hour and can take place in the evenings or at weekends.




COST: £60 for initial readings

           £45 for return sessions



These are hand-written documents on gorgeous paper. About 20 pages, double sided (less for transits,) joined with a talisman. These documents make the most wonderful reading, with inspiring directives and insightful comments, you will always be able to use them to know yourself and grow yourself better.

These are not computer generated paragraphs of what character traits you have but an essay on you and how the various traits work with other traits and create meaning or obstructions in your life.


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Astrology shows the links we share. It shows how different people bring out different feelings, behaviours and responses from us. With couples we see what draws us together, what we are looking for in each other and what may drive us apart. With families, astrology shows the hidden archetypes we inherit and play out. The birth horscopes of all the family also show the conditions which bring us together  or highlights the aspects that causes arguments or isolation.


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