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All​ the courses include developing intuition and true inner confidence.


If you would like a free consultation on Skype/Messenger to help you decide which mystical art is best suited to your individual mindset please email me: I am very happy to talk with you and explain all the differences and outcomes for each of thedifferent subjects.



Astrology underpins all the magical and occult systems. why? Because the Planets affect us. We are moved and inspired by the Planets; though we can ignore the cosmic prods; but how do you know what you ignore or what you are moved by if you are ignorant of the workings of astrology? I recommend astrology for everyone. In a brilliant world children will all learn astrology and birthtimes will always be put on a person's birth certificate. We live in a magical world. Knowing astrology will prove this to you.  


Why You Want to Learn Astrology

#1 Realize your destiny
#2 Unleash your Will
#3 Dig up the roots of your blocks, challenges and difficulties
#4 Play to your strengths
#5 Recognize your karma
#6 Develop your potentials



  • 6 lessons via email
  • tasks to complete which are marked with feedback
  • live video for each lesson to ask questions and gain clarity.


email me: for details.




lessons via email

tasks to complete which are marked with feedback

This course is split into 3: Calculating a Horoscope, Drawing a Horoscope and Finding the Aspects. Live videos for this course show you exactly what you need to know. You can begin any time and go at your own pace. The assignments, as with all the other courses, are sent in where they are checked for accuracy and feedback given; so you can be sure you are mastering the subject.

email me: for details



1 intense lesson via email; but I wont let go of you until you learn how to calculate transits!

This course is for people who really want to use astrology in their everyday life. Although most people who take this course have a sound astrological understanding, you do not need to have that level of astrology knowledge to dive in. You really can jump into discovering the influences the Planets have on you. This course is most excellent for cynics as it is the ultimate proof that the Planets influence us.


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The 4 Elements

This course is designed to give a thorough and improve your own understanding of the relevance of Elements in astrology. It is also useful as a founding stone for Tarot. It is FREE and includes optional assignments and feedback plus access to the FaceBook live videos. Please email me: for more details. 



This course will enable you to understand why we divide the horoscope into groups of 4. The ancient systems of timing of patterns within the great cosmic clocks will become apparent. This course is FREE and includes optional assignments with feedback as well as the live video link.

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Why choose Tarot? Well, personally I would choose them all and devote my life to them but Tarot is a great choice as it is an excellent art to study because it is an occult doctrine. It will show you your path in pictures. Your path to enlightenment and magnificence - your foolish path in the eyes of society - is clarified through the wisdom of hundreds of years of European occultists. This course is not about all the meanings of the cards you will use in divination - meanings that are easy to find and plentiful on the web - and infact divination is just a bastardized use of the Tarot. People use divination because it works to some degree as we look into where the questioner is on their spiritual path. But how much more wonderful to read Tarot in the pure spirit of a spiritual path and understand the entiety of the journey and to understand the deeper implications of a person's obstruction.

The intoduction and Fool begins the next 7 lessons on the Major arcana. These 8 courses are charged only on a donation base as they reveal and guide you through the mystical path to enlightened action in the world.  The Minor arcana, Spreads and practice lessons are all charged at the regular sliding scale rate.

  • 7 Lessons on the Major Arcana
  • 2 Lessons on the Minor Arcana
  • 1 Lesson on Spreads
  • Practice -individual sessions

Each lesson consists of a PDF of knowledge and assignments which will be marked and returned with feedback. 

There is a monthly live video on a FB page where you can ask specific questions and lead the discussion, if need be, till you are absolutely clear about a point. You will definitely feel confident about your Tarot knowledge after this course, and then it is just up to you to gain experience through practice. You can do part of the course or all of the course, pay in bulk or individually; it is up to you.

FREE: Tarot Overall Start and History: includes work on the Fool.

FREE: Elements


Just email me for more details.





The iChing has been overlooked in the UK because it is difficult to understand. Yet it's wisdom is second to none. The iChing is like having a wise Taoist sage living in your house with you. The teachings from the iChing are so beautifully succinct maintaining the integrity of the Tao for you to find your own way.


I recommend the iChing to people who like to think. Just as Raja Yoga is the way to think yourself to understanding the true nature of your existence, the iChing honours your ideas as a kind father listening to your views; because who you are and where you are at in your mind, are all part of your path and what you need to include for the perfect, tailored answer.


The iChing tells us that there is an exalted, wise state of mind where we can do no wrong. in its wisdom we learn about the hundreds of wrong states of mind. We could be in the right place with the wrong attitude - the iChing can sniff out your most secret attitudes or concepts that do not belong in that situation. Or you could be in an awful situation and the iChing gives you steeling advice on how to get out of it and you can hear it because your mind is right. 


The iChing needs to be studied to understand its enormous breadth and subtle inspiration to the core of any situation. It is a hands on guide to living in tune with Tao. 


The iChing courses involve a FREE course for all those wanting to know the structure, history and uses of the iChing. After that there are 8 separate lessons for sets of 8's of the hexagrams.

Each lesson consists of a full discussion of the meanings of the hexagram, its' lines and its  relevance as a resulting hexagram. There are assignments for each hexagram, putting you in touch with the deeper phylosophical wisdom of Tao, which will be marked and returned to you with feedback. There is also a live video on the FB page once a month for you to interact and clarify and queries.

for more details email me:




Dreams are your inner guru that guides you from the depths of your being, to understand your existence in life's meaningful journey.


Dreams repeatedly amaze and humble me. Their guidance comes from our very own highest self, inner sage or clear light of bliss. Once I saw the dream maker as a beautiful goddess with an unknown name and a face no-one sees. A few times I have seen the essence of dreams coming from light and dripping into my brain, as conscious practice tried to envelope its jewels to retain their wisdom like catching stardust in space.


Because dreams are our true inner guide that we are born with I am offering the course on how to work with your dreams for free. I hope very much that you will take me up on this offer, as I know if everyone started to isten to their own inner story many more people will become aware of the meaning and journey of their own life. And the more people are aware of the amazingness of our existence the more kindness there will be in the world. 


You are welcome to email or ask me questions related to the course I send you, or you can work through it in your own time at your own pace and in your own way. It is designed as instructions for you to understand how to get the best out of your dreams.

FREE course on why and how to journal your dreams.

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Re-Create Your Self is a suite of workshops designed to do exactly that; re-create yourself. Now, it is not because there is something inherently wrong, no. Instead, we begin with the premiss that there is indeed a lot right with you and you have an instinct and an intuition to be the best you can be. But as with any great art project, you step back, you have a good look, you think 'what am I trying to do here?' You go back, make a few light strokes. Ah-ha! Colin and I know a lot about change, we know a lot about how to change and what chink needs to be smoothed to make the right change. If you don't believe us read these testimonials from other participants here: (highlight url and open in new tab)                                                  


Also, these are intense workshops with a maximum of 8 participants at a time, or we lose the personal. In order to accommodate more people we are putting on more of these workshops around the country. 



Live Your Vision - a look at the vision you have of your future. The vision you have of your future effects how you feel about today. We looked at Jupiter and the 11th House. Colin used his mind gymnastic exercises and helped you untangle the obstructions to a positive future direction. Everyone took home a beautiful image they created with gold and collage designed in the rings of a horoscope.

Map Your prosperity - prosperity is not all money and abundance. Prosperity is the sense of lushness. We love and feel generous. We attract love we give love. We attract calm we give calm. We looked into Venus and the 2nd House in the birthchart and how this Planet effects you then Colin untangled your approach to prosperity and each person created individual treasure maps to take home. 

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