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Note: The prints of Jesus Horoscope comes with an essay on the research.


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Having a unique and personalized artwork on your wall gives you a lifetime buzz of pleasure.

Fishtail Arts & Astrology uses permanent ink on japanese/rice paper, with metal leaf embellisments, to create vibrant and long-lasting art with astrology as its theme. Here are a few examples of astrological maps, lovers horoscopes for weddings or anniversaries and individual horoscopes to help you decide which design you want; with a seal or without a seal, color schemes or a tree or circle with other symbols. ANYONE CAN COMMISSION A WORK OF ART. When commissioning a piece of art I will talk with you to find out exactly what you prefer. Each painting is slightly different so even if I copied a previous one it would come out uniquely different, so you can appreciate colours cannot be exactly defined. 

When you see which map or horoscope you like, contact me to ensure purchase of the particular painting or style. You can buy off the peg or commission a piece. 

Each of the personalized horoscopes come with a free handwritten note on the eminent astrological configurations in the chart. A hand-painted horoscope takes between 7 - 10 days to be painted and sent to your door.


There are MAPS of Jupiter's conjunction with the Sun over 20 years, Venus and Sun conjunctions over 5 years, (revealing the pentagram). There is  map of the 3 threads of mercury's retrograde pattern,  there are Mars and Sun conjunctions too. There are maps of the sidereal zodiac, the tropical zodiac or the astronomical zodiac and maps of these together. You can choose the astrological map of the heavens that most excites you. If you want something in particular - with colour or details- please contact me and ask; the maps are approximately 225mm x 225mm or A3 and will be available from Saatchi on-line in 2021.


The painted INDIVIDUAL HOROSCOPES can be coloured using the symbolism of Venus in the horoscope or by any combination of colours that you choose.  These paintings are aapproximately 225mm x 225mm or A3. The personalized painted horoscopes cost £150 - includes p&p



email me or more directly: 07955661249

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Above: Mercury Retrograde. Comes as an A3 poster on thick quality paper.Please buy in SHOP under 'Astrological Maps'. COMES WITH ESSAY on Mercury Retrograde and the Caduceus.

Above is an example of a wedding/ anniversary/ marriage or lovers horoscopes together. This one belongs to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. (Notice the Neptune in each chart perfectly recieves the idealistic expectations of the other.) The color combination is a mixed yellow ground and red ink, with highlights of a strong pale blue. The golden leaf round the edges did not shine for the camera but in natural light is distinctly gold. There are more examples below. Just scroll down.

Below: set of 12 postcards : abstract zodiac good quality, thick paper: £12.99 for 12 postcards (includes p&p)

Buy in shop under personalized horoscopes

Below is the calculated birth horoscope of Jesus. I have written about how I analyzed the most likely date of his birth under the tab of Famous People's Horoscopes. I like the pictorial representation of the alchemical sealed vessel. 


Below: various designs of horoscopes: the one directly below uses the symbol of the World Tree with it's roots encasing the natal horoscope. Yellow ochre/ mauve ground. raw umber/white and red (with green wash) Golden leaf.

A double horoscope of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan: although Mark's time of birth is unknown it is still noteworthy that these lovers share many synastric conjunctions showing how they just get each others view point. Mottled jade ground/ pink, rose-pink, burnt sienna and blue ink, with golden leaf.


Below is a single horoscope with just red and white ink on a mottled grey/green ground. By just accentuating the wheel and showing the firmanent beyond, this horoscope maintains the symbolic representations of astrology. 

Similar to the horoscope above, the horoscope below accentuates the traditional wheel with trails of gold like cosmic energy floating around us. A combination of red/blue/white grounds and inks with golden leaf.

Another double horoscope of lovers. It shows their connections is based around future goals and creating structures to get there.  The ground is mottled blue and yellow ochre with red ink and golden leaf in the corners.

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FISHTAIL ASTROLOGY unites the Sidereal and tropical zodiac because both zodiacs work. The schism in astrology has been healed! This is a map of the various zodiacs with their subtle differences.

The above astrological map shows conjunctions of Sun Mars from 2017 to 2045. When the Sun conjuncts Mars it really only affects an individual who has a Planet or an Angle on that degree. It manifests as a few days of ultra motivation! Available as a print

Above shows the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter over 200 years. 


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Venus Sun conjunctions above and below; prints available in both styles.

Above, traditional astrology rulerships; below conjunctions of Venus Sun in tropical and siderial zodiac. Prints available for both.

Above the conjunctions of Venus and Sun. Prints available.

Below is a design for personal horoscope.

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