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All the practices within mystical arts help remove the obstructions that blind you to being free and experiencing all the joys and successes in life that are your birthright. But you must learn to interpret the oracles correctly. If you use the understanding of the ordinary mind you will see even the gods and goddesses as mundane. You will get distracted, diverted - maybe even lost. You must interpret mystical arts with the wisdom of the sages. You need to know the whole picture first. 



Sometimes, in your quietest moments you may feel the spring of love for all people whereas other times you may feel the dread and disgust at the acts of humans past, present and future. These feelings united are the very root of the Grand Wish for humankind. How can the dreadful and awful acts between human beings cease forever? When everyone recognizes that this is a truly spiritual existence and everyone’s individual life is a journey towards enlightenment, then there will be no-one left who, with ignorance harbours unkindness towards others.  And it is a tipping point, which is significantly tipping today. The scales are weighing more and more enlightened people; people who see their true nature and wish with all their heart for the enlightenment – and the happiness – of all other living beings. It is towards this aim that Fishtail School of Mystical Arts teaches the practices and use of the tools for you to find your own enlightenment.


There is enlightenment. There is a spiritual path. You can find it, and you can become enlightened in this life.



How Astrology Can Help You

I stood in a business group - me with my hair high with large yellow clips and shiny red shoes - and took my turn to tell 70 business people what I do. I was surrounded by insurors, mortgage lenders, window fitters, kitchens builders, scarf sellers, carers, cleaners, electritians, plumbers; good business people. People who didn't have time nor the inclination to spend their spare time in pursuit of mystical highs. So I said to them, "your life is meaningful. Each and everyone of you is here to succeed not only on this physical plane. We are here to learn the meaning of our existence. And it can be done, by each and every one of us. Mystical arts are the way for us each to be own guru and find our path, as there are as many ways to enlightenment as there are people." The room was quiet, they heard my words as if for the first time but like a bell reminding them of the time, a time they were expecting. I saw their eyes widen. We must live this truth alongside our 'ordinary' life. Our time IS the time for this beautiful truth to flourish. 


That is why I am setting up the Fishtail School of Mystical Arts, so each of us searching for the true nature of our existence can find it and be supported by our society. Society knows the truth; there is more to this life than our thoughts, the physical reality and feelings.


Astrology is a wonderful tool. It will help you find meaning in your life. Meaning is so understated in our times as people push on in jobs they hate or within relationships that cause dis-ease. Our culture trivializes existence in order to keep the majority on their treadmill. And the majority counts - because it isn't easy to stand up from the crowd and say 'actually, I am going to live my life this way....' But the other problem in our society is that media and other mass moving moguls do not help our imagination find the one way, the individual way that would suit one person - you.


This is where astrology is so useful. It is solely about you. About the needs you need to keep. About your true motivations and passions, the way you want to be seen, the way you want to stand out, the area of work that will bring you recognition and reward as well as your sense of destiny, meaning, integrity and how to really find your true spontaneous and confident nature. 


Astrology has such a lot to offer that it is a good idea when you have a consultation to have an area of life that you would want to attend to. We will get round to many things but naturally, with so much information to explore and share it helps to pinpoint at least one area that you want to nail. Many people return for readings

over the same or different areas of their life. In keeping with this need the cost of return readings are reduced.


I specialize in readings about your meaning and journey through life because I am an advocat of 'living the life you believe in'. I was listening to Wayne Dryer the other day and he said, 'the number one regret of people who are dying is that they never lived the life they knew they had come to live.' Let that be a regret of the past. Our times offer us more flexibility and with the right focus we can free ourselves from doubt and trepidation. It is possible for anyone to live a life that has meaning and power and glory.


I also have many years of experience in synastry - the astrology of relationships. Many people like to check out new partners, which definitely helps to take off the rose-tinted glasses earlier rather than later and helps you spot red flags if you have a history of difficult relationships. But the loveliest way of using astrology for relationships is when you are still in a working relationships. You will learn how to see the other as they are in their deepest potential and you will become true partners in securing each other's individual and glorious journey through life. Typically, astrology for lovers makes excellent wedding presents.


So click on the READINGS tab or on the SCHOOL OF MYSTICAL ARTS tab to find out more and then email me to arrange a free consultation about what would suit you by live video. 






Tarot is another mystical art that can lead you to the centre of yourself. You don't have to use it to find the tall, dark, handsome stranger in your life, you can use it to ask more guided questions; such as, how can I deal with this situation? Or, how can I improve a situation or get out of a situation? How can I be the best I can be? How can I experience the truth of existence? The right question will lead you to the right answer.


Tarot, like astrology is a tool; for you to guide yourself to enlightenment; for you to navigate your path to your ultimate wisdom and glory. There is so much happening in our day to day world, using an oracle is a sensible thing to do; so we slow down, take a breath, focus and intuit our deeper wisdom. And like astrology, Tarot is a tool that you need to learn how to use; just as a carpenter learns how to use their tools with skill and thereby creates better chests of drawers, the better you know the Tarot the better you will be able to guide yourself and others.


Although I do give Tarot readings (by Skype) I urge you to really get to learn to use the Tarot yourself. There are other oracles and magical tools, such as iChing, astrology and dreamwork; but if Tarot speaks to you then start to learn to use it and clarify your spiritual path.




There are a few things you should know: different Tarot readers use different associations. The most common association is Swords - one of the suits - as being linked with Air. There are a few of us though that link Swords with Fire and Wands with Air. I associate Swords with Fire; I was taught that way and though I could change it as most decks have been painted with Swords as Air - I have found a few decks that depict Swords with Fire - I like it better this way.  


A.E Waite popularized the Tarot with a deck that had images for the pip cards. His artist, Pamela Colman, drew inspired images for the pips and subsequently his pack became more usable to many more people. Before, Tarot readers would rely on knowing the number symbolism except from the Sola Busca Tarot (1500's) which also had images for the pip cards. Though no-one seems to get the Sola Busca images, they are legends from history. A.E Waite's deck, with its depictions of the Suits was therefore the first deck that told us to think of Swords as Air. It has been said that Waite chose this to hide the secret that the Wands represent Air but now there are so many traditions and its all swapped here and there, who cares any more. It is your choice.


Depending on your tradition choose Fire or Air for Swords. Personally, I think the wickedness and sharpness of the Sword fits in with Fire better, as the swiftness and wit of using the Wand fits better with Air. Also, Mircea Eliade published in Forge and the Crucible the image below:  "The Philosophers Egg Under the test of Fire." Clearly, the Sword is Fire. 

There is a free course on the Elements under courses and this will help you choose and decipher the Suits in the way that feels right for you.




I consider that the original placement of Justice as the 8th Card is in keeping with the stages of the spiritual path. I say this because it means Justice comes after the Chariot and essentially the chariot is Will. Once you have found Will it is a double edged sword. Whether you use it or not you will create a reaction. What ever action you choose, even non action, there will be a response. Every action has an equal reaction, whether we see it or not. And Justice after Will reminds us of this profundity. 




Although I have mentioned above that the Tarot is an excellent tool for your spiritual path I want to explain more why.


The deck is made up of 78 cards; 22 Trumps, 16 court cards and 40 pip cards. Each of these have a significant link to our human behaviour patterns and psychic growth. They are each like seeds in every moment. They are each relevant and each meaningfully possible. However only the cards that are dealt will be read. And only those cards will be relevant because there can be no other moment than the moment you are in; and it is good to remember this when you use the Tarot. You know the past no longer exists, you know the future does not exist and obviously this moment will go just like all the other moments go, into the unfindable past. The cards that are dealt are the only cards that can be dealt.


The more you know the Tarot cards and the more experience you have with psychic growth then the easier it will be for your agile mind to make the links.




There is a lot of discrepancy and disagreement over the original use of Tarot. The first deck, that we know of, comes from 1442. It was commissioned by Sforza Senior to commemorate the marriage of his son, Francesco Sforza to Bianca Maria Visconti. Bianca was a patron to Christian causes - she had lots of money and came from a passionate, rich, Christian background. 150 years previously Maifred Visconti was elected the Papess of a Christian sect. (Then, in Italy, not everyone agreed with the Pope and so there were other Christian sects.) Maifreda was soon burnt for heresy. This awful incident would have lingered like a veiled threat to the Viscontis. Sforza Senior commissioned the Papess - card 2 in the Tarot - to be painted as Maifreda. Not only that, he had the Lovers painted as Bianca and Francesco, as well as other cards depicting people of their time.


However, the original deck was not numbered. It was numbered some 400 years later by various people who recognized the occult significance of the images. The work ccultists did was amazing; to fit them together as a doctrine and then continuing, to our modern time, of tweaking the images to make a coherent study of occult law means we now have access to some very profound and insightful images that enhance individual power and wisdom.


As the images were easily pieced together to reveal stages of the mystical path it is concievable that these cards were meant to carry this message. With people being burnt at the stake for disagreeing with the Pope and other paranoid fantasies of the early Christians in power, it makes a lot of sense to hide the message in a game. And like all free thinkers, then as now, there is a deep satisfaction of getting one over on "idiots in power". I am sure the Tarot would have been a way to pass on their wisdom of the stages of the path. 


it is only in the west that the spiritual path was hidden; it seriously threatened authority and yet ironically, it is the west that is now free to explore and speak out on these matters without fear of death.




These mystical arts will also take you to the centre of your being and help you navigate what the world throws at you. Of course the world throws nothing at us; it just seems that way. And the sooner we take responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens in our world the more power we have. All of these mystical arts are in line with this premise. 


Tarot is excellent for people who are more feeling orientated, who resonate with images more and also for times when you have thought and thought and cannot think anymore. With Tarot you can relax into the play of images and allow your intuition to guide you in visions. Each of the cards will help you align with the magic in the everyday world.


iChing is excellent for thinkers, historians, people who think in a linear fashion. Each of the hexagrams and their changing lines will guide you to be the best in every given moment. Through chinese philosophy and cultural behaviours you can experience a clear perspective of the part of you that is learning something in any given situation. You will understand the right way, the noble and superior way is not set in stone but depends on many factors; not least the correct attiude and perspective on life. The iChing will help you find the correct perspective on life.


Dreamwork should be used by everyone! It is our natural guide, the guide we came in with, the guide which is with us every step of the way. Our dreams speak in symbols and we need to learn to understand the dream language to interpret the dream and ultimately KNOW what is relevant to our individual journey. Dreams give personalized, individualized and tailor-made realizations which help us grow totally into our ultimate, enlightened perfected self using the memories, associations - including thoughts and feelings  - about actual objects in our environment. 




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